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What is period poverty?

Over 500 million women and girls globally are not equipped for their monthly period. They are without access to feminine hygiene materials; sometimes not even underwear, a toilet or a sink to achieve basic sanitation.

This creates profound insecurity and perpetuates a cycle of lost opportunity.

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We empower women around the world with resources to fight period poverty.

In the most vulnerable locations where period poverty and stigmas exist, we develop and distribute culturally appropriate educational materials and provide sustainable feminine hygiene resources, while training an expanding network of resident leaders with how to manage the communities' menstrual health needs. 

Empowering women.

Ending Period Poverty.

Educating Nations
Educating Nations

Let's break this cycle.

Elevate Equality

Elevate Equity

Empower Communities



Educate Nations

Educate Nations


Educating Nations

Give today and transform her tomorrow.

We’re a nonprofit that relies on support from people like you to continue our work. Please partner with us as we continue to care for these women and girls.